Net Worth

What with money disappearing into Pots, Joint Accounts and other future integrations like pensions, ISAs etc. It would be great if there was somewhere in the app we could see a total of our “Net Worth”.

Obviously Net Worth is a bad name for this as that’s not what it is but an aggregate total of all the different silos across Monzo would be great.

My wife often feels uneasy about the “low” amount we have in our current account but she is neglecting all the various saving pots we have, the funds in our pensions and ISAs etc.


I think this may be available (to some degree).

Open your Monzo app
Click on the Account tab
At the top of the screen under your name should show a balance which shows all money across all pots (not sure if this includes joint accounts as I don’t have one)

On the work PC so can’t add a screen grab…

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Ah ok, good to know, thanks.

Will have to wait and see if it works with Joint Accounts, I suspect not as it would make sense that this is the balance across an Account and since JA would be separate would not be included.

I also suspect it won’t include marketplace integrations like external ISAs and pensions but we’ll have to wait and see what is going too happen on that front too.

Thanks again for the help.

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No problem! Let me know if you do get confirmation on joint accounts. Sadly my partner won’t take the leap to Monzo so I have no one to test them with

Your joint account balance is not included in this figure.

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On this note, I’d like to add that I don’t intend to use my 250 overdraft all that much but do find it rather unfortunate that monzo decided that it is a good idea to charge 50p per day when in overdraft, I do think that it is fair enough if you are genuinely in I overdraft but the fact that most people will actually have the money in pots that would mean the actual monzo balance is not in overdraft should mean they don’t get charged 50p per day, I know I was recently in overdraft by about £10 and had to do an awful lot of unnecessary money moving from pots to avoid the 50p charge.

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I agree I would like to have a way of automatically moving money from eg my saving pot to my current account when my balance drops below a specified amount, This could either be built into the app or via an IFTTT trigger