What is my wealth?

Allow more sites to integrate or import reports or just asset holidlinha so you can have Monzo show your total net wealth.

Connect to Zoopla for house prices
Pensioner for pension pots
Finntrade.io for stock assest
Coinbase or Revolut for FX and Crypto
all like banks do and show that total position

That big daily juicy often inflatin Number
But the point being Monzo is just a facilitator,’ it’s hub and with every spoke from another fintech their data if includes becomes more useful when
Shown in the hub

I’m so here for this.

Let’s make it happen. :muscle:

(If you want it, vote for it!)


It’s a pointless statistic for me unfortunately.

I don’t really care what my house is worth combined with crypto and my car etc.

I only really care about these things when I plan on moving or plan on selling. Seeing a number in app of what “I’m worth on paper” has no influence on my day to day activities. If I was concerned about the fluctuating value of my house (for example) I’d use a proper tracker.

My car value slowly diminishing or what I could have had should I have sold my house yesterday, would be more depressing than anything.


Being able to link and show the value of my stocks and crypto assets would be nice, but there are so many other things I’d rather Monzo built before they turned their attention to a project like this.

Only if Plus/Premium customers get a discount code in their offers section.


I agree with @Ordog

About as useful and meaningful to me as my Credit Scores.

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Which banks?

I like parts of this. I’d love to be able to see our mortgage balance and payments in the same place as our bank accounts. I’d also like to see our pensions and managed investment accounts. [Edit: whilst mulling it over, I’d also like to see the status of our car finance agreement in the same place as all the above].

Obviously I’d want this on the JA, but if it were available only on PAs through premium, that would be enough for us to sign up for two premium account and find a way for it to work!

I also agree that seeing the notional ‘value’ of our assets such as house and car etc has little interest for me.

If the possibility of the above were even something worth speculating about, I’d be cock-a-hoop!


Agreed. Anything that has a positive balance or anything I owe would be great.


It wouldn’t be something I’d glance at to be fair. I’m not bothered about what my wealth is.

Am I covering bills, mortgage etc… Yep. That’s about all I need to know.

Granted I’d like some additional wealth though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m currently using empty pots for similar single financial view, my goals are my amounts, I’d love it if monzo allowed manual/fake pots where the amounts were included in some form of total at the very least. Even better if properly integrated through open banking for mortgages and savings and pensions etc etc :crossed_fingers:

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You’ve got to hope that this is where we’re heading but I can see it taking years to get there yet. I don’t see overnight rule changes requiring all these different providers to support open access to their balances etc.

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So there is an open finance initiative that will be wider than banking.

But when you take into account open banking isn’t really done yet (and not all providers have APIs), to your point even if all the regulations changed overnight, it’d still probably take years to get there.