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My NatWest app just wasn’t automatically updated like I thought it was

Oh that - yes, that’s broken for me, too on the RC. No issues with the RBS/NatWest one, though.

I think there’s an incoming fix for that - from the [cough] Android code:

<boolean name="ios_17_qr_workaround_enabled" value="false" />

Once that gets switched to “true” it’ll be all QR rainbows and unicorns with iOS


Yes iOS 17

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Yes, I saw that the other day. Doesn’t particularly bother me since I don’t use the payment links, anyway.


Give the way, it’s just annoying that it’s broken and the iOS 17. I don’t know why because everyone else uses, QR codes seems to work absolutely affied

Like Trainline

Even though I will never use the QR code itself, I have added passes to Wallet for all 5 of my NWG accounts.

Interestingly RBS and Ulster passes get added to the same stack as if it was one app.

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NatWest always had the budgets part to set your own?


Yea, it’s weird they’re advertising it as a new feature… unless they’ve changed something and analytics maybe showed people weren’t really using it?.

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They’ve been slowly enhancing it. It picks up transactions from all accounts, cards etc you have with them. You can change categories, set budgets etc.

I’m not sure what happens when you go over budget, maybe it sends a warning or you see a warning when you log in.

It’s not exactly real time, it only seems to analyse your transactions when you go into the option but it’s simple and effective.

There are not many high street banks that have such a facility or at least not that I’m aware of.

"We’ve made some changes to our Premier Reward Black arranged overdraft, it now comes with a £500 interest-free buffer.

This means, if you have an arranged overdraft in place, you won’t pay interest on any overdraft you use up to £500. This was applied automatically on 14th September 2023. There are no other changes to the arranged overdraft. So, you’ll continue to pay the same interest rate of 19.49% EAR (variable) on any amount over £500."

And who really needs an overdraft has to pay 40%, and no buffers.
Same like London Ulez… poor people has to pay


It’s probably the best “non fintech” bank option out there. I used to really like it but the savings rates without cap for easy access just are not there so left for HSBC.

The latter is the closest though unlike NatWest you can’t mark transactions as non spend nor can you change them until the transaction has cleared.

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I went into the branch today to do some clean up of my NatWest account…. It was very quick service and I found the branch to be very warm and welcome




How long does it take for a new natwest rewards credit card to show up in the natwest app please? I hold natwest accounts, but am a new credit card holder. I know it’s linked to the correct profile, as the card was opened through the app and it auto filled lots of my details. Thank you

A day or two from memory when I opened mine.

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Finally! :slight_smile:

Never got notifications when cash left and arrived before

I did send myself some money and it’s not there, will wait and see if it lands

Outgoing notifications work, but incoming doesn’t appear to work

I have contacted NatWest to state it didn’t work

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Just received this with RBS, too :slightly_smiling_face:

I had an update

Looks like I’ll need to retest on November 13th

Why outgoing notifications work but incoming don’t, I don’t know

It also should have been in the update notes :face_with_monocle:

Do both work on RBS @mikez

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