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At least they know what it is! When the plan feature for HSBC launched (and immediately broke itself) it took ages for their CS team to even know what that feature was…


I was being oddly specific in the message, so they probably contacted the team that deal with the updates or something

If I just came through and said, Incoming and Outgoing transaction notifications are not working on the latest app. They probably would not know what I was on about.

Just transferred £10 from HSBC to my RBS account and there was no incoming notification, so most likely using the same platform.

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On RBS it does say in the new features section that it is “Coming in November”

It’s only taken them a few years to catch up with the other banks for this feature hahahaha

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Maybe but certainly NatWest have moved forward more than most other high street banks.


NatWest have been on a march for some time and definitely in many ways are provably the closest non fintech going, in my opinion. HSBC are catching up fast though as others too.

I just wish they did decent instant access rates.

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Yes I have been a Starling customer for a few years and why I am happy with them I am likely to move my main banking to one of the High St Banks in the near future. I have a few current accounts and have been impressed with how NatWest have developed their offering and also technology.

It’s a toss up for me between HSBC, NatWest and Lloyds.

Hi and welcome :wave:

Starling is nice, I’d consider them if they did a credit card, and their card design was a little nicer.

I have two of these (HSBC, Natwest) so can only comment but they’re pretty comparable. Natwest has the edge app wise as it’s a little more detailed (I think it even does transaction maps now) and better options budgeting wise, but the HSBC app has really come along of late.

The only thing for the latter is you can’t see as much transaction history in app, you can’t set transfers as excluded from budgeting and there’s little transaction detail. Notifications are really great for both apps now.

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Thank you that’s helpful. Out of the 3 of them, Lloyds’ app is by far the most functional but is quite cluttered. Many moons ago I spent some years with Halifax so, unsurprisingly, the Lloyds app is the same as that, just in green, and the proliferation of in-app adverts drove me insane.

My gut feeling is telling me to give NatWest a go so I will probably go with them, As you say, the HSBC app feels rather archaic (my words not yours :slight_smile: ), and that will probably clinch it.

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Then again, I have been reading a lot about the Face ID issues with the app and, as I may be about to change from Android > iPhone, NatWest may not be such a smart idea.

I honestly don’t know where to go - all the mainstream banks seem to have issues of some description. Maybe I’ll stick with Starling after all despite it not being my preference.

What FaceID issues with the app?

This is one of many:

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Ah, that’s two different functions of Face ID.

One for app opening on iOS should be spot on.

It’s the payment thing that had issues, whether they are still apparent :eyes:

Haven’t given much attention to comments above, so had it impacted you or are you running on 10 month old news?

Been using it for ages, apart from having to be in a room with some light no issues.

The person complaining is an idiot. Make sure your head fills the head-shaped frame, blink once, done. And it’s only for stuff like new payees. Easier than remembering my Starling password.


I wish RBS had time stamps for transactions.

Ah. Must confess I’m guilty of confusing the two and believing the hysteria. I didn’t realise that the alleged offender was a different id than the app access one. Apologies.

I assume then, that the one being criticized is only for making payments via the app? Is that for existing payees or just new ones? Thank you.

App access works using Apple’s Face ID. The NatWest biometric approval is their own solution.

Biometric approval lets you:

  • Make payments over the £1,000 mobile daily limit to someone new
  • Paying a new bill or utility
  • Set up future dated payments

It can also be used as an alternative to a card reader in online banking for authorising certain transactions:

  • Update your email address or mobile number
  • Make a payment to someone new for the first time
  • Add or amend a payee
  • Change your payment limits
  • Bulk payments (business customers only)

So not that often depending on your usage; and it’s better than card readers or passwords IMO.

Incoming transaction notifications now work. I did try them on November 13th but they didn’t work, but at least they work now

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Your notification badges are giving me anxiety :face_with_peeking_eye: