Natural User Interfaces (NUIs)

(Saveen) #1

NUIs, e.g. voice control, look set to be transformational.

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is the SDK for Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo.

Cool demo from Moven:

Would love to see Mondo as one of the first banks to implement voice control. Hackathon project?

(simon) #2

I actually got Mondo working on Alexa (Amazon Echo) at our last hackathon.

The trick is going to be how do we securely do the OAuth 3 legged login. For the hackathon i hard-coded my API key into the endpoint it was hitting. I’m a huge fan of the Echo device. I’ve loaned it to another Mondo hacker for the Tesla Hackathon, but once i get it back i’m looking forward to building more things with it.

Amazon Echo
(Saveen) #3

That’s awesome Simon! Good point about 3-legged OAuth.

I’d love to see any video demos, would be great PR too!

(Saveen) #4

Update (11/03/16 news):

Amazon adds Capital One banking support to Echo

(james_e_bell) #5

Reminds me a bit of (which i found on this forum in the first place i think!) - that has a natural interface for engaging with the assistant (though SMS not voice). From when I trialed it, it didnt work that well though…