Natural User Interfaces (NUIs)

NUIs, e.g. voice control, look set to be transformational.

Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is the SDK for Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo.

Cool demo from Moven:

Would love to see Mondo as one of the first banks to implement voice control. Hackathon project?

I actually got Mondo working on Alexa (Amazon Echo) at our last hackathon.

The trick is going to be how do we securely do the OAuth 3 legged login. For the hackathon i hard-coded my API key into the endpoint it was hitting. I’m a huge fan of the Echo device. I’ve loaned it to another Mondo hacker for the Tesla Hackathon, but once i get it back i’m looking forward to building more things with it.


That’s awesome Simon! Good point about 3-legged OAuth.

I’d love to see any video demos, would be great PR too!

Update (11/03/16 news):

Amazon adds Capital One banking support to Echo

Reminds me a bit of (which i found on this forum in the first place i think!) - that has a natural interface for engaging with the assistant (though SMS not voice). From when I trialed it, it didnt work that well though…

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