Monzo and Amazon Echo Show

Hey folks, dont suppose anybody knows if there is any way for an Echo Show for instance to be able to do things such as show Monzo notifications and other stuff like as her to show balance and stuff like that?

Not officially, as everyone who wants to use the API has to sign up themselves, you can’t/shouldn’t publish something publically for everyone to use IIRC
But there’s some work here

and a suggestion here

wow, that was a lot of work.

but i got it working

Oh wow it works still?
The Alexa developer site now supports hosted lambdas without having an AWS account - did you use that?

I followed the instructions as much as possible as I am brand new to AWS and alexa skills development. So no, the lambdas is hosted on an AWS account.

I just went in blind with the instructions and google’d whenever I hit a problem (which was a few times). Mainly things it seems that Amazon have moved around from when the instructions were written.

Also some stuff doesnt work, asking to freeze my card just returns there was a problem with this skill.

Asking for a balance returns along the lines of the balance of user_ajsj83r43289fjefif’s account is £10.00

asking for spent today isnt always right, as it does: actual spend today - any credits received = what it thinks is spent today.

couldnt get how much have i spent this week etc or in a specific category to work.

and just had to change a couple of other things like the auth address for monzo

edit: as i said, first time using AWS or alexa skills. also im not familiar with the programming language used lol

Ah cool that’s great to hear.
I do a lot of voice control (Alexa and Google) and javascript stuff at work, so could help out fixing things and updating the docs if there’s a big audience. I wonder if the original author @Geit is still around?