Nationwide’s "Open Banking for Good" challenge

Excerpt below taken from this press release. Links added to the selected companies.

Nationwide Building Society has selected seven FinTech companies to take part in its Open Banking for Good challenge. The FinTech firms will develop Open Banking based apps and services to help financially vulnerable people.

The seven companies have been chosen from more than 50 applicants. Those selected into each of the three categories are:

The challenge, born of the Inclusive Economy Partnership, will see Nationwide, partner organisations and the selected FinTechs work together to help the most financially squeezed. The challenge is supported by a £3 million fund from Nationwide. The start-ups will also be able to draw on expertise from Nationwide, Money Advice Trust, Citizens Advice, The Money Charity, Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, Accenture, Doteveryone and Nesta.

Some potentially interesting apps/services there that people may want to check out.
I like the look of Flow, and have just started a thread on it here