Names on the Current Account

(Max Walker) #42

Just a thought on this one about potential issues, It’s not really a problem with Monzo but Royal Mail allows you to use a credit/debit card as ID for the purpose of collecting undelivered mail.

Just my thoughts that this is a bit sketchy (I think they should at least ask for something with your legal name on and or address) given that there could conceivably be some misuse of putting preferred names on cards.

Though of course they usually require the “we called but you were out” card (I’m not sure what would happen if you didn’t have it).

Thoughts welcome.


And for car hire having name on debit card match name on driving license otherwise that sometimes causes hassles and some firms won’t hire a car

(Jason) #44

Bet the dbs will come back with every variant as aliases


DVLA are not :100: accurate on information transposed onto licenses.

Source: work in car finance

(PhilB) #46

In this particular instance it’s because I didn’t put all my names on their form back when I got my licence because it didn’t really occur to me to put anything on other than the names I did use :slight_smile:

(Daniel Chatfield) #47

One thing to add, if you are on the current account preview then you don’t have this. When you migrate and close your prepaid app you’ll be able to set a preferred name.

(Ray Singh) #48

Thanks Daniel. This is a really good feature and I was able to set my preferred name. It now appears on too BUT is it possible to customise the URL too? Because in my case URL displays my full legal name and once the link opens it shows my preferred name? I know it’s only a minor thing but shows up every time I share URL with my friends and family :slight_smile:


Bunq bank in the Nederlands allow you to pick your URL, Name and customise your page for their equivalent :wink:

(Daniel Chatfield) #50

Contact customer support and they’ll be able to regenerate the URL for you :slight_smile: Appeared!
(James Murray-Ferris) #51

Oooooh is this possible now as my legal name has changed and when I asked I was told it wasn’t possible at this time

(Ray Singh) #52

Hey James, yes it is. I requested it via in-app support and it was changed right away :hugs:


Oh, I asked to think just last week and they said It was not possible so this must have changed recently.


So I got my URL updated but had to refer to @daniel’s post here because the fist response was that it’s not possible.

(Danny) #55

Has anyone managed to get the name that shows up when you send a BACS changed? I asked a while back and was told ‘not possible’.

My full first name, plus middle name (which nobody knows and I don’t particularly like) show up then just a couple of letters of my surname. I was told ‘the full name will be there it’s just a limitation of the other banks systems’ but that’s not much help when I’m sending money to people and they can’t identify me, is it?

They also said it was for compliance, which I find hard to believe as no other account I’ve had has displayed my middle name.

(Allie) #56

Agreed, middle names should be removed from this!

(Daniel Chatfield) #57

This will be changed in the next few weeks. We are required to send the
legal name but we can definitely omit middle names.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Some additional context:

We recently introduced a new profile service internally which makes this
kind of context aware name formatting a lot easier. Customers with preview
current accounts hadn’t had their profile migrated (this happens
automatically when you upgrade). This meant that services such as the FPS
service couldn’t switch to the new service. We’ve just completed a manual
migration of all of those profiles so we can start moving everything across

(Danny) #58

Brilliant, thanks for the update. So ask support in a few weeks time?

(Ray Singh) #59

Same here. Monzo thrives on change and I guess sometimes it’s hard keeping up with changes :blush:

(Tony Preece) #60

I’m glad to see others are frustrated with the names on BACS payments as well as me. Not only does mine appear as Anthony when everyone knows me as Tony, my middle name can also be a surname and my surname doesn’t show up. How to confuse the hell out of people.

On the topic of ‘legal names’, in the UK the the legal process for changing your name is to start using your new name. No forms to fill in, just use it, Batman. The Deed Poll route is entirely optional and not a legal requirement, it simply gets a court to certify that you have already changed your name. So, the name on my driving licence is no longer my legal name (not used it in 20 years) but Monzo and other just don’t recognise that as the case.

(Allie) #61

Monzo gets this more right than anyone, using nickname as the embossing name, etc. A deed poll takes ten minutes and will sort out bank accounts, driving licences, passports, etc. It costs nothing and just needs you to find two friends to witness.