Names on the Current Account

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As someone else who has more names than they use in day to day life I am also of the general persuasion that there appears to be no regulatory need for all four of my names to appear on anything and would be keen to see it omitted or an initial used - afaict my banks/issuers overwhelmingly use my preferred two almost overwhelmingly, some use three (mostly listing the first two as initials). I had assumed that somewhere there was a (legacy) reason my name would generally have to be truncated down.

My driving licence has only 3 of my names on, whereas my passport has all 4. The DVLA seem as nonplussed about this as the banks generally seem to have been!

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In my excitement I used my driving license to verify my identity (taking pictures of a card is easier than passports) and totally forgot about it doesn’t include my full name.

Hopefully I’ll get to ‘update’ my name soon because having just one middle name doesn’t really make sense… (entirely my fault though) :tired_face:

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Staggering to think that in these days of globalisation third parties still use such a limited character set when Unicode is available.


“which will have the fields for mr/mrs/ms etc”

I’d rather it didn’t have this at all, and only required firstname last name…

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I would like it simple myself. No mr/mrs/ms (outdated concept) and I would omit my middle name from stuff as I never use it. It’s on file at my other banks but I never put it down and transfers have always arrived fine.

I am considering contacting support to see if they can make a note so that the new CA card doesn’t have my middle name on it.
Anyone know when the new cards are likely to start shipping?

Edit: Only just read the PDF, couldn’t open the Dropbox doc, I will wait and see when I get the option to fill in a preferred name :grin:

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Was wondering whether you’ll use intials or the full name printed on the card.

Or initials: MR J J BLOGGS
Or a mixture of both: MR JOE J BLOGGS


You should give users the choice (RBS used to give me the choice of two lines of text when I filled in a paper form for a card…e.g. Joe Bloggs Esq on first line and say Account Nr 2 on the second)

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You can still do this with RBS ask for an active replacement and they can then add a narrative for you!

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Interesting but what about those who use their legal middle name rather than their forename. All of my documentation (including my Monzo card account) has my forename on it not because I like it but because it’s on passport/driving license/legacy bank/credit cards BUT I am called by my middle name (hence the disparity between my login name Ali2 and the name underneath Moaria and yes… I dare you to try and pronounce my forename properly and no… it’s not pronounced Mo-lair-ree-ah or as the lecturers are tried to call me at uni, Malaria)

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I wasn’t aware there even was such a thing as a legal name in the U.K., beyond what everyone knows you as. There’s no central register of names.

My driving license has the wrong name on it. I think my passport did too. Some civil servant made an error in 1969 and it still shows up in (some) government documents. No bank however has ever questioned the issue, even when I got a mortgage.

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For clarity, who wrote that document?

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First post in this thread:

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Whoops sorry - I thought it was a different document!

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Can you please amend your system so we have the option to just have our first and surname displayed. My card arrived today address to me with my full list of names. I hate them, and never ever use them just my first and surname. You back end system can hold this information.



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If you contact support via chat in the app you can give them your preferred name.

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I believe they’ve said that this option is also coming to the user interface at some point in the future which will be nice.

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I’ve moved your topic here - because whilst I believe you’re on prepaid currently, this is being looked at for the Current Account roll out.


No problem, thanks for the heads up.


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Got the CA preview yesterday and tried out a few transfers. BACS from Monzo is showing up in my First Direct account as ‘Firstname Middlename Surn’ (as in, only 4 letters of my 8 letter Surname!

Support say this can’t be changed for ‘compliance reasons’ and I’d love to know if this is actually the case.

Nobody knows my middle name, and I don’t particularly like it. It doesn’t appear when I send FROM my FD account so I fail to see how it can be compulsory.

Not sure I’ll move over to the Current Account if we can’t fix this.