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Did they put their card in and use the PIN?

Maybe they had reached their contactless limit?

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But if they had, I would have assumed it wouldn’t have worked with the vending machine.
Our machines are unfortunately contactless only, so couldn’t try chip and PIN

Vending machines are excluded from SCA because you can’t enter a PIN

Think it’s part of the £30 offline with Monzo. Not sure, never seen a vending machine that takes a card here

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That’s what I thought; that N26 might have a separate workflow for vending machines that are unable to accept cards being inserted.

This might become a problem now there’s no such thing as unlimited contactless use. As I understand, all banks will be required to force chip and PIN once certain contactless limits have been reached. Your contactless–only devices might mean you have to turn away business.

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@j06 See Emma’s reply immediately before yours :wink:

Yes my post was in reply to @Rat_au_van.

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During May last year I posted in this thread about N26 not being clear about the terms of their Metal account which they refused to acknowledge as a problem on their part. I’ve just received this email:

I guess they’ve finally discovered that they were in fact not law abiding. I’m happy to get my money back even if it took a while for them to acknowledge their error. This is very satisfying given how smug they were about their patently problematic terms.


Glad you got a positive result. Incredible that they did not openly disclose the 12 month commitment up front. Wonder under whos pressure did they finally turn around for a resolution…

I completed their questionnaire, and (for me at least) it was the travel insurance which triggered ineligibility & thus a refund of metal fees. I think there was no cover if anyone traveling had preexisting medical conditions.
I’m VERY happy: 12 free months of a great looking metal card + wework + free overseas cash, and I can carry on using the metal card until it expires.

That’s something I picked up on.
If you pay for any portion of the trip (travel, accommodation, etc) by any other means than N26, then the travel insurance is invalid.

Yeah I am Greek and have had EU N26 for two years now and it’s basically equivalent to Monzo for me. WIth N26 EU you can save payees, set up requiring payments, direct debit, even pay in cash in selected stores (although never really deal with having to pay in cash or cheques for that matter).

And given the stupidity of Greek banks where you are charged fees if you transfer money to a different bank than the one you are on (or also withdraw money from not your bank’s ATM), N26 is my main bank account for euros whether I am in Greece or abroad.


Today i received a years refund of my N26 metal subscription ,took around a month since their 1st email

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It demonstrates the absence of impact N26 has had on the UK market, that the refunding of a year’s worth of fees from its elite account tier has gone totally unreported in the press.


Looks like overdrafts are in the process of rolling out.

Interesting. Would be interested in seeing how much they offer.

Edit: Found the option, not where I thought it’d be.

14.9% cheaper than my Monzo overdraft :eyes:

I’ve not used N26 since I got it

Wonder how they’re rolling overdrafts out

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The day has finally arrived.


It’s a real shame they didn’t put more effort into their UK product

I was super excited for their arrival and was probably one of the first people to open an account. But I never actually used it as it wasn’t really fit for purpose