My story


I am a keen Twitterer. That’s the only way I found out about :mondo:. Someone I follow on Twitter tweeted a photo of their card and tagged :mondo: in it. I was intrigued, so I signed up. No research, nothing. I just wanted in.

Once I signed up, and got to the front of the queue, I realised I had to top-up with £100 to receive the card. I was thrown into a bit of a panic, and decided to do a bit of research. I then took the plunge, and received my card.

The main thing… I haven’t looked back. Not once!

I try to put most of my money into Mondo. I am self employed, so I don’t get paid on a regular basis so I have to be a bit careful but it’s working well so far. Direct Debits aren’t supported (yet) so I have to keep enough in my current account to cover them, but everything else is paid with via Mondo. It’s a real joy to use.

Physically, I’m located in Somerset, UK. Not booked any holidays as yet but it will be my choice of card if/when I do.

###What I love

  • The ability to freeze and defrost your card, great for when you think you may have lost it but you wanna look around before you cancel it.
  • Instant payment notifications, so you know exactly what your balance is.
  • Everything

And :mondo: is just starting out. Things can only get better than this, and they’re pretty special already!

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

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Irregular pay, #djlife :wink: I just joined too And had the same reluctance when asked for £100.00 so glad I took the plunge