My Dissertation - Tech-Based Service Quality (Please Help)

Hello! My name is Steve and I’m a Marketing student at the University of Plymouth. I did an internship in banking over the summer and I’m writing my dissertation on Tech-based service quality in banking.
I hope this is the right place to do it, but if you’d like to help me out and take my short survey that would be fantastic. If you’re aged 18-25 and have 5 mins to spare, I would really appreciate it, thank you! I also love Monzo!!

Sorry @SteveAckrill I’m too old to qualify for this survey :see_no_evil::laughing:
Good luck with your project :blush:


Thanks Ray!

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Done :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Too old, and also I get a spinning circle with those qualtrics questionnaires

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I answered a load of questions then it went back around 10 questions and I had to do it again

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Phew, just about within the age bracket #stillyoung :baby::muscle:

Also, completed the survey :+1:

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Thanks for letting me know, I will take a look at that!