My card is not reading on the bus in London (TFL)

Can anyone help, please? It’s happening numerous amount of times now and I haven’t got an oyster card.

It’s possibly a faulty card so you might need a new one. I don’t know what other help anyone can offer really.

The only thing I can suggest is that this is either card clash or it’s a faulty card.

I’m not sure it’s faulty as I have used it beforw on the bus and it has read, I have money on there, just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing…

If it’s reading the card but rejecting it, TfL may have blocked it.

Check at

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I had a similar problem with my card on tfl but it was with nationwide sometimes it doesn’t authorise and you need to confirm the card online for it to work again

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I don’t travel on the bus very often but I used it yesterday and it was fine.

Is the contactless working in other shops?

I think I’m going to just try and order a new card. Thanks everyone for your responses. On that note how do I go about this? Is the CEO on this portal?

Hey @CKJ, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

It might be worth getting in touch either over the phone or via chat so we can take a look and see if there’s any reason for your card not working with TfL :relaxed:

If you still want to order a new card though, you can do this quickly in the app :+1:


@CKJ I would definitely try logging into the ^ oyster+contactless site first if your card works contactless in shops. If you’ve done too many trips without e.g. touching out, or if they haven’t been able to collect a fare, TfL might block your card until you login to the site and tell them what you’ve done / pay the outstanding fare.

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Thank you :blush: