My card arrived and I'm super excited!

(A. C. MacDonald) #1

Hey everyone!

I hope I’m not contributing to a slew of identikit “I got my card” posts but… I got my card! I kind of just wanted to express how chuffed I’ve been with everything so far. The wait wasn’t long. Topping up was easy. The app is super cute.

I messaged the support because I hadn’t received a confirmatory email and my paranoid self just wanted to make sure it was actually on its way. (I’m going away on Friday, so was a little concerned it would arrive moments after I left.) I got a reply in under two minutes. Two minutes! I’ve never had an experience that good with a bank. When I was discussing it with my girlfriend, she pointed out that she didn’t even know the best way to contact hers and I realised, neither did I. That two-minute reply? It was at 3:30am on a Sunday. I don’t think my bank’s even open then.

I’ve been really impressed by everything. I can’t wait to use it on my wee trip away.

(Josh Bray) #2

Hi there.

Welcome to the community and monzo.
Yeah their support team rocks. (Shout out to @tapas :wink:)
If you have any none account specific questions you cam post here. Otherwise contact support.