Multiple pay days

I have a number of small pensions that get paid in across the month and one larger, can we have multiple pay day support like the Emma app?

What method does Emma use to support multiple paydays?

I believe Monzo allows you to set a custom budget period, rather than one based on a particular payday. Is this not sufficient?

I only have a single payday so may not fully understand the issues those with multiple paydays face, by the way.

Emma, I think, allows you go through and tag things as ‘payments’ which it then will find for you later on (based presumably on where the payment came from).

Monzo presumes a monthly ‘pay’ cycle, and ‘salary’ is limited to payments arriving by BACS (I think) but not by Faster Payment transfers. I use the latter as I’m self-employed so ALL my payments are Faster Payments which means Monzo doesn’t seem them as income payments, just transfers of money, and so doesn’t know to use them in the budgetting/summary stuff…

(I’ve not had caffeine yet so I hope that is mostly correct).


I’ve just remembered that I don’t actually have my monthly salary come into Monzo :man_facepalming:

I bring money into Monzo as standing orders and/or faster payments often more than once a month. So in effect, from Monzo’s perspective I suppose I actually do have multiple paydays. These transfers all get picked up as income on my summary tab which I could use for budgeting if I so choose. However I set an explicit budget that I try to stick to.

Re Emma - yes, it does allow you to tag things as income so perhaps that is what the OP wants.

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I haven’t found Emma to work particularly well in the past with multiple incomes from a budgetary perspective.

The latest release allows the setting of a total budget, though. So you can set that to be your total monthly income, or a bit less if you want to save every month. You then get a summary tile (very similar to Monzo’s) showing how you are doing for the month.

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This sounds a lot like scheduled income, which you can vote for here:

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