Multiple Ideas (Revamped Pots, Currency Conversion, Saved Payees)

(Lewis Hill) #1

I’ve had a few ideas that I personally think would be awesome additions to the app, but rather than make a new post individually I thought I would compile them all here. I know a few of these have been suggested in the past but I thought I would build on them a little.

Shared Pot:
2 or more people can contribute to and withdraw from a pot that is shared between them

Automatic Pot Withdrawal:
You can create a pot such as “shopping” and any transactions with tags that you define will be taken from, or added to this pot.
Example: I enable all spending with the tag “groceries” to come out of my “shopping” pot, instead of my main account

Live Currency Conversion:
You’re able to display the amount in your bank as a live calculated currency.
Example: I went to visit Japan, and I wanted to know how much I’ve spent or have left to spend, but in Yen, as that’s what I’ll be dealing in. I could just go to settings, and set the active currency as Yen.

Saved Payees and Grouping:
The ability to save payees to your account instead of just having recent payees displayed. Then further this with folders or groups to help sort accounts.
Example: A group called “My Accounts” with my ISA account, and my savings account listed. Then other groups called “Family” and “Friends”

(Only available in amateur ) #2

Think most of those have been requested before.
Automatic pot withdrawal would be handy. I like the idea of having a direct debit pot where all direct debits come out of.

(Dan) #3

I like this idea :slight_smile:

(Nic Allen) #4

I’m constantly astonished by the lack of a saved payees (and references) facility. Every other online bank I’ve ever used has one.

(Martin) #5

I am moving over to Monzo as my main bank now and I would also like to see the ‘save payee’ option.

At the moment the ‘Recent’ feature is OK, but going forward as more people use it as their main bank, saved payees will need to be added as currently I don’t know how long a payee will be classed as a recent or how many recents will be stored. Plus you also need to make a payment, adding a saved payee feature will mean they can just be added.

When using a ‘recent’ payee though, if you click on the reference area, it does show a list of references you have used for that payee for you to select from. :slight_smile:


Save Payee
Edit Payee
Delete Payee

It is just mind boggling that such basics were not included from day 1!