Cards for pots

I think it would be amazing if we could order extra cards that are linked to a pot. Pots is one of the best features yet for me.

For example if I had a pot for petrol and had a card linked to that pot anytime I used the card the money would come directly out of the pot.

Another example I have seen people want is a card for a night out, this could work the same way and you could just set up a amount in the pot you would be willing to spend. If the pot runs out of money then the card is declined.

Third example is people like having a more secure card that is left at home in the safe but used for online purchases only, if your main card is stolen or lost there is no need to resetup all those online accounts with saved cards.

I like keeping things ring fenced and this would allow that without the need for multiple accounts. Although the pie charts on what you spend are helpful they don’t cater for those of us who like to budget for something and watch the total decrease as we spend.

From a business perspective you could charge a premium for any extra cards upfront and make profit off that or a monthly maintenance fee . It would also draw more people to only have one account with you and not need to keep other bank accounts for ring fencing.

What do you guys think?


Or attach your current card to different pots when you choose a la bunq.


I would have a pocket money card and pot for my little daughter. I want her to get use to the value of things and how to use cards. It would be great for Christmas and birthdays where relatives offer money for gifts.


That’s a great idea Tim. Really like that!

I thing Kevyn’s idea is a much more likely implementation if things go down this path. That way, at least, there will be no question about who has to pay for all these extra cards.


Or possibly virtual cards linked to pots that can be added to Apple Pay so can be used in shops and online?

I really like this idea, I currently use my old current account as a ‘pot’ of sorts, for my petrol allowance, allowing me to ring fence off some funds at the beginning of the month.

If Monzo were going to do something like this may I recommend that it must be a physical card, as a virtual one on your phone does have a £30 limit at most places. Also the card design will need to be different (maybe the design from your pot?), just to make it stand out.

And make them all accounts, like bunq, too

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Previously @Tom mentioned about it being possible to give pots their own sort code and account number, so guessing this would be similar piece of work to add cards onto pots.

I think it would be useful for sure, even if it was just a way to add virtual card to Google pay for “lunch money” pot for example.


Adding virtual cards for pots to Google/Apple pay is a fantastic idea - the name of the pot could be put on the card design in the virtual wallet just like for the Joint Account card. Especially if you could add the pot card to Google/Apple pay from inside the app. Solves the problem with the cost of extra cards.


This is really common in some European countries such as Germany - where most savings accounts “SparKonto” get given their own optional debit card, which can be used for ease of deposit and withdrawal as needed. It makes sense to offer this, even if there is a one off fee for each card to cover the cost. Also it would be great if a “pots card” could be a slightly different design or colour.

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+1 for this idea. Would be handy when setting up a joint account isn’t an option. Wherein each partner moves a fixed amount into their own respective ‘groceries’ pot each month and and uses the secondary card to track it.

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If you pay a charge for a second pot card having multiple designs to choose from would be great. My little duaghter would love that!