Moving to Switzerland 🇨🇭- tips for Bank Accounts?

Hey Folks

My wife and I are moving to Switzerland.

We’ve had a pretty nifty banking model here in the UK, with a main 123 Lite Account for all of the cashback and household bills, then with monthly divvies into groceries, savings, and personal pocket money accounts (mine being Monzo).

We’re both on Amex Everyday Platinum for our personal pocket money expenditure too, whilst using a Sainsbury’s credit card tied to the groceries account.

Basically free (or cheapest) accounts + cards to get some cold, hard, cashback.

Now we’ll have to end all that, and Swiss banking is something I know zilch about.

Anybody have any tips for the best banks, or ways of doing things?

It looks like my wife’s company has ‘special conditions’ for Credit Suisse. Not sure about my company.

I think the biggest mental adjustment to make will be no more ‘free’ banking…

Does anyone know if N26 works out there / is a good idea?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Search google

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you could look at neon who are a swiss fintech

atm charges but the rest is free


Awesome, thank-you both so much. Some excellent resources to read up over the weekend :nerd_face:

If anyone has any first hand experience, I am all :ear: :ear: !

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