Moving to Italy and I don’t want to open an Italian current account

Hi, I’m planning on moving to Italy next year and seen as I have a current account with Monzo already, I was wondering if I can just use this same account in Italy rather than opening a current account over there. I know it’s very ‘red-tape’ over there and sorting any kind of documents is a painfully slow process. If I can use my card over there permanently that would save a lot of time and hassle

I’d have a backup so something like Starling or Revolut.

Enjoy your time in Italy.

You could also look into opening an Italian account with N26 (a mobile bank like Monzo) once you are there. It doesn’t involve any paperwork.

If you’re going to be paid in euro you should look at opening an account denominated in euro, or your money will be subjected to conversion rates and (possibly) fees every time you deposit or withdraw, which will ultimately be to your detriment.

It never makes sense to use a foreign bank account when you live permanently in another country using a different currency. I’d look at N26 or TransferWise.


Others will be in a better position to comment, but I think you need a UK address to remain a Monzo customer.

On using the card, it should work no problems in Italy, although there will be ATM fees if you go over the free threshold. You might experience currency fluctuations though as the £/€ exchange rate will change over time.

As others have said, there are alternatives. Starling is effectively the same but doesn’t limit free ATM withdrawals. Like Monzo it’s a sterling account, although they are apparently looking at euro accounts in the future. As @MRMR says, an N26 euro account is also a good bet (don’t open a UK one with your home address - do it in the app when you have your Italian address) - but to be slightly pedantic it’s a euro account but not an Italian account. It shouldn’t affect much if you’re just spending but the IBAN will start DE etc which sometimes matters for direct debits and getting paid.

Enjoy living in Italy - sounds like an adventure! :it:


Starling have explicitly said their account is designed for short trips spending abroad, and will charge £60 to send a replacement card overseas.


Oh yes, I forgot that. They’re a bit more… rigid.

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I think if you’re using that account in such a way that that fee is unavoidable, then you’re probably rinsing them for free foreign ATM use. Anyone on a short trip should have alternatives until they get back to the UK.

Have a look at TransferWise borderless.

But yeah if Monzo’s limitations (foreign ATM fees, etc) and the GBP-denominated accounts aren’t an issue then go ahead!


If you’re going to work there and your employer will probably won’t be able to pay you in your Monzo account, something to know and consider.
Like others have already suggested get a Transferwise Borderless or N26 when they are there.

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It’s been confirmed quite a few times that you only need a UK address to get your card and after that Monzo don’t mind where you live.

But it’s always better to have a local bank even so, for deposits and such.


If you’re being paid in Euros and spending in Euros, it makes sense to use a Euro account.

If you need an account to tide you over TransferWise Borderless should work well for you.