Joint Pot top up from private account

Pots have to be topped up from within Monzo. That makes sense, but if I want to top up a joint pot, I have to first put the money into our joint account, then move it to the pot.

This could be cleared up a little. By pressing “Add” on the shared pot, it brings up a picture of the Joint Account card, with an arrow pointing then into the shared pot.

At this point, a simple swipe up / down could switch between the joint account, and my personal Monzo.

And even, (if it doesn’t look too messy) other pots. So I could move money directly from
my own savings pot, to the joint holiday pot, without having to do this as three separate movements.

Anyone else finding this clunky?


Think with the new layout to the Monzo app, integrating something like the above would be good!

Please can this be added! I want to send a regular payment over to a joint pot from my personal account but can’t believe that I can’t do that directly and have to send it via the joint account. Are there plans to implement this?

I’m sure I’ve seen similar thread somewhere on the forum about scheduled pot transfers or something, but agree it’s a pain having to go from Monzo current -> Monzo joint -> joint pot rather than just being able to schedule from Monzo current -> joint pot

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