Developer's Slack - New Channels

(Zainab Khan) #1

Hey Everybody!

Just a quick update regarding channels in our Developer’s Slack. I thought we could add a couple of channels so we can streamline where certain conversations happen.

We created:

For connecting opportunities and people. This is so you can share any opportunities you know of that you think may be relative to the community here or share if you’re a talent looking for a new job. For better search, use this as a template to start your post.

Job // Talent
Other (any other facts like start date, salary, LinkedIn link etc)

E.G. If I was searching:

Talent - Zainab K
Location - London + willing to relocate
Role - Community Manager
Other - Can start ASAP (just kidding Tom!)
Interested in joining a badass bank. :wink:

[I’ll pin this to the channel too for guidance too]

We’ll share news of any upcoming Monzo events in this channel (and on the forum) so you get a heads up nice and early. Keep an eye on this, a lot more coming in 2017! We’d love you to leave any comments and suggestions on events you’d like to see more of in the events channel too!

If you think there is another channel we should have, please recommend below with the name and what it would be used for!

Have a great weekend Monzonauts!

[If you haven’t joined the Developer’s Slack, you can join here:]