Most Expensive Monzo Purchase?

What is your most expensive purchase using Monzo?

Not so much a purchase as it is a deposit, but my new flat. Around 8k!


Congratulations! :house_with_garden:

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Monzo shares…

Congrats! Mortgage company wanted 30k for our first house deposit, we worked ourselves to the bone to get it together. So glad to see some people are getting on the ladder with a more reasonable starting amount.


A car :red_car: , I hope the next one will be a deposit on a house :crossed_fingers:t3:


£800 plane tkts

Monzo shares!


Next house deposit!


Monzo shares here too!

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“OK, and as a final confirmation, can you tell me a recent large payment that came out of your account?”
“Ohhh I bought some [THING] for about [VALUE] … terrible with dates though…”



Car £18,500 :blush:


Did you need to get special clearance to put that through or did you just rock up and whip out your Monzo card like a boss?

£2,400 on a dental implant

I had to get my limit temp raised for 24hrs. It only took a 5 min chat with support :raised_hands:t3:

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Yes, had limit raised and confirmed night before, all went through without a hitch!

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Probably a vet bill :grimacing:

I paid my credit card off in full. I enjoyed the few mins when Monzo told me I had enough money for the month :joy:

Why have we started asking about this stuff on the forum? Why is it useful/relevant to people? Like asking what people do for work and how much people earn.

Can we just not do it instead?

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A boat, little over £22K

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A house, was quite fun getting money in and out of monzo but it all worked! A lot of worthy security checks for the amount.