Mortgage with no Deposit... by The Post Office

(Dan) #1

Interesting move by the Post Office… however maybe not all its cracked up to be? :thinking:

£1300 a month repayment :rofl:


I think its more:

There’s a catch - the parental home needs to be mortgage-free for the buyer to be eligible.

My parents don’t own their home so I can’t use it and how many will be mortgage free.

(Tony Hoyle) #3

Secured on the parents property? A perk for the very few, I think.

If someone can afford 1.8k a month they can probably afford to save for a deposit…

(Dan) #4

I know, seems like a bit of an odd product… good idea but wayyy too many loop holes to jump through…

(Only available in amateur ) #5

Seems like a gimmick to get headlines and make people aware the Post Office does mortgages.

(Josh Bray) #6

Personally I think this is quite dangerous. High monthly payments for first time buyers who traditionally have a lot to buy when they first get their house is gonna be horrendous for them.