Lloyds Bank offers 100% mortgages to new homeowners for first time since financial crash

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The headline should really read…

“Lloyds Bank offers 100% mortgages to rich families”…

However, Lloyds bank’s new “Lend a Hand” mortgage is different to those available a decade ago. Buyers will not need to provide a deposit for their home but instead a relative puts 10 per cent of the loan value in a savings account with Lloyds.

Mortages can be for a maximum of £500,000 for up to 30 years while the savings are secured for three years and pay a rate of 2.5 per cent.


@nickh at lease you have fleshed out the real way the article should be headed.

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2.5% isn’t a bad rate to be honest.

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I think the rate is fine - It’s the condition of the rate that would be an issue to myself (and I imagine, many others).

Taking the full 500K, a family member would have to put £50,000 aside for three years.

If you can afford that, then it looks a decent deal - But again, it very much benefits the people who already have a large amount of cash available to them.


Sounds similar to the Barclays Family Springboard mortgage which they’ve had a couple of years. (at least)

My first mortgage in 1985 was 100%, all done & paid up now. :tada::+1: