More Detailed Roadmap

If it’s at all possible, can we get more information in the Product Roadmap? As it stands, we have a title and that’s about it. Do you have a condensed user story which can be added as further detail? Some kind of summary to what you’re actually looking to implement.

One I’ve just looked at is “Rules for Pots”. Because: other topics I’ve been involved in.

That’s the only information (besides the fact it’s slated for 6-12 months delivery) we have on the matter. So, has this been started, or is it just on the roadmap? What’s the MVP on this? How big is this story? What level of “Rules” are looking to be implemented and (perhaps most importantly) is this a Feature or a Concept? Will this incorporate anything actual, or is this just a throwing around of ideas to develop stories for the actual features, whatever they may be?

Despite the potential reading of the words, they aren’t written in a mardy voice, rather an imploring tone. I guess I’m just a Techie who wants to see more of what’s actually under the hood, as it were, rather than three words that could actually mean anything.