More control over setting a period date/range

At the moment it seems that Monzo does not allow the user to set their period as the last weekday of the month. A huge amount of people get paid on say the last Friday of the month or last Thursday. Some even get paid on the first Monday etc.
By allowing the user to pick the first, second, third, fourth or last day of the month they would have more freedom and be able to more accurately set their period to their payday schedule.
I get paid on the last Thursday of each month, as this is a different date every month Monzo can’t understand how my schedule works because I can’t set it right.

I can see that you’re making a few topics with things that have already been suggested. Just to save you a little bit of time and effort, I’d recommend that you have a quick search before creating your next one :slight_smile:

Here is the feature you’ve suggested. Be sure to vote for it and with enough votes this will hopefully get Monzos attention:

Thank you, I’ll do a search next time :+1:t2:

No worries :smiley: Welcome to the forum by the way :wave: :blush: