More accurate transfer amounts

(Christopher Bell) #1

If I want to transfer a larger amount out of a pot, I’m currently very limited with options. For example, if I want to transfer £135, I have to do three separate transfers.

One suggestion is that the plus and minus buttons reduce the increment amounts when you start using one after the other. So if the app is currently adding £50 each time I tap “+”, then when I tap “-“ then subtract 10. And if after “-“ I hit “+” again, then add 5. So choosing £135 when starting from £100 would work like this:
“+” = £150
“-“ = £140
“-“ = £130
“+” = £135

Alternatively, just give us a number pad like you do when paying people.


This should apply to transfers and top ups. It is always annoying that the customer has to do a transaction for a different amount because of the personal whims of one of the design team!


If you tap on the amount you do get a number pad. On iOS, at least…


And android :ok_hand:

Custom amounts were implemented very quickly.