📰 An Interview with Tom - Financial IT

Here’s a new interview with Tom, ahead of his speaker session ‘Building a smart bank; from crowdfunding to reality’ at PayExpo Europe 2017 in London.

There’s no news here but it’s nice to see the community get a shout out :slight_smile:

“Community engagement is also very important to us. We have an online forum of 15,000 members where they can engage on a variety of topics, from their favourite cooking recipes to credit scores. Additionally, we also have an event at our office every month, open to every Monzo account holder, where they are encouraged to discuss their thoughts on what they would like to see next from their bank.“


I don’t think all those 15000 (I am not doubting there aren’t) are engaged, Less than half engaged a little bit (once or twice, hence the basic access badge) and I am sure half of these or even less would be active enough to be called proper members… Someone who has been here longer than me can check their badge and count on it.

This says 21366 users in the top right


I am not saying there aren’t 21366 registered users here but how many have actually engaged; I only have Basic access and it tells me 6184

Just click on the Visits (or Read)column and sort this by visits for all these users you will see what I mean :slight_smile:

All forums on the internet have 99% lurkers, ghosts and spies. The headline number shows how many people have engaged enough to at least read opinions and sign up to read more about people’s opinions. It is only us 1% who persistently raise our heads like a whack-a-mole game to risk getting our views and opinions beat down for no reward other than enjoying the game :smiley:

^ if you are lurking and agree please sign in and like this post :love_letter:

Edit 12 hrs later - only 1 like lol. I guess the lurkers are busy reading the ATM fee thread!


I’ve been a school governor on the past, for a school with 1200 parents and I’ve had a parent’s meeting where 3 parents turn up. I knew, though, if something crucial came up, they would be there in their hundreds.
The important thing here is that there is an open mechanism for engagement and people will use it when they feel they need to.
This forum is more fun than a school governor’s meeting, BTW :wink:

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We are experiencing this right now;

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Just look at all the lurkers coming out of the woodwork to vote on the ATM fees haha! Would be nice to get more participation on forums, though that thread is so busy I can’t keep up with all the responses :joy:


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