Monzo’s Tom on WIRED Cover!

I was surprised and happy to see Tom on the cover of my new copy of WIRED UK today in a lovely Monzo hot coral none the less


Is this it?

Yes, it is! Thanks for sharing the link, I totally forgot :slight_smile:

I’m very disappointed to see this…again

With the down round, number of senior executives leaving, increasing customer support complaints on the forum, lack of new features and Revolut and Starling launching new features more often, I’d much rather see a CEO focus on the customer and product than doing interviews.

It feels like Tom is very keen on being a celebrity CEO, doing interviews and taking jabs at their competitors (N26 leaving the UK) than focusing on the product and customer. If feels like if he wasn’t doing interviews, he wouldn’t have felt weighed down with the regulatory responsibilities. It also feels like if he hadn’t sold millions of pound of stock (that we found out was omitted from Companies House), he would be focused on building a company and ensuring everyone else gets a return on their investment as well.

Revolut and Starling seem more focused on their customer and product, and it seems to be showing lately. They’re constantly launching new features and growing.


to be fair, he’s not CEO anymore, which fingers crossed leaves him very much open to

Guess we just have to see how the next 6-12 months plays out with him as president and in a less regulatory role.


Agree - he should be making sure no-one knows about Monzo and that publications like Wired with hundreds of thousands of readers do not give Monzo any free publicity at all.

After all, the success of Monzo hinges on offering crypto trading, not attracting new users.


It would be really good if I could open a new topic that concerns Tom and not see a raft of complaints. Just once. I ask for so little.


And the other day there were complaints about him not talking enough and he should publicise more and talk about Monzo more.

What? How does that even make sense? He isn’t spending 8 hours a day talking to WIRED.

Based on what exactly?


It looks like WIRED must use the same ink supplier as one of the card manufactuers. Hot Coral too pale or is it my eyes?!?


It’s #inkgate all over again

He literally addresses ‘being a celebrity’ in the story -

Blomfield is clearly uncomfortable with the attention. “Even internally, honestly, I think we have the cult of the founder,” he says. He’s right. It is almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone at Monzo without them bringing him up. “Some founders are put on a pedestal,” he says. “I don’t think that’s particularly healthy or fair.”

But this is good promotion for Monzo, it’s how PR works.


If we are hot happy with the exact shade of the cover, can we complain and they will send us another one :laughing:


They need to do a metal cover, and a dark mode for the magazine :sunglasses:


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