Monzo X London Pride 2018 🌈

(Paul) #22

I’m in London for Pride so would love be a part. Gotta be a hot coral jelly bean no? Failing that, lip curling lemon!

(Andy) #23

I am already part of a marching contingent :policeman:t4: but I will say hello when I see you!

Enjoy Pride :rainbow::rainbow:

(brandon skerritt) #24

I’m actually looking for people to go to Pride with me!! I’ve never been to any pride parade and my friends aren’t very LGBT-friendly.

I’ve never had any jelly beans but I do love all sweets that are green. Even if it’s not an apple flavour (lime maybe?) It just tastes so delicious to me, green anything is my favourite!!

(Stefan) #25

Definitely cherry so far. But I’d rather have one in green tea matcha. Does this flavour exist?
Never been to London Pride, but just moved to Oxford - so let’s hope I’ll have luck with this.


yerba mate tea would be good too!

(Ruaridh Maclean) #27

@josinclair and I would like to go please.

And birthday cake, since it’s my birthday that day. :smirk::cake::rainbow_flag:

(Chris) #28

Definitely has to be orange, it’s my favourite flavour of fruit. Also works well that it’s the second colour in the LGBT flag :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

(Liam H) #29

I see what you did there :smirk: Well played! :joy:

(Maido) #30

Would love to join… watermelon jelly bean… well that’s no brainer :wink:


a watermelon sized jelly bean…now that would be cool!

(Maido) #33

:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: OMG! Yes please!

(Luca) #34

I’m definitely down to parade with the community!!! Don’t really mind flavours wise. As long as they make a rainbow I can go for anything :slightly_smiling_face: :monzopride:

(Petros Antoniou) #35

I don’t have a favorite jelly bean though, I’ll gladly eat them all. Processed sugar and chemical flavors? SIGN ME UP! Lol

(Jonathon) #36

You might need new friends!


Fixed that :wink:

(Jamie) #38

Can’t make it to London sadly but if you’re ever in Cardiff then shout out!

Hope you have a great day! :smiley:

(Colin Robinson) #39

Well I’ve got the watch (I’m left handed so it doesn’t look right)

And I love cake

So I guess I might make a day of it :rainbow_flag:

(Liam H) #40

I think our team in Cardiff are thinking of attending Pride this year as well! :dragon: :rainbow:

@giorgiasophia is one of the folks working on this I believe? :blush:

(Giorgia) #41

Definitely will be there! Would be great to get something organised for Cardiffians :heart:

(Cameron Chalmers) #42

Where did you get the watch strap?