Monzo tops “Which?” list of Best Banks! 🎩

(Sendu Bala) #22

I think Monzo also received too few samples and should not have been considered eligible: note that the “handling complaints” category didn’t receive any stars, presumably because the 40 people who responded had no complaints.

But “handling complaints” is how you truly know the difference between good and bad customer support.

And why didn’t “value for money” get a star rating? That would only make sense for a bank that had no fees, but Monzo has some. None of the 40 people had used the overdraft?

I think it’s too soon for any fintech to be getting meaningful ratings in a sampling process of the kind Which? does.

(Steve) #24

Agree. The worst app I’ve ever used. I’ve this funny feeling the only people who truly love FD are those that need to constantly speak to people.

(brandon skerritt) #25

WOW!!! I remember when Monzo just missed the list, so great to see Monzo on there and at #1 !!!

(Nick) #27

Think it’s safe to say that Which?'s research was carried out before Monzo’s growth outstripped COp recruitment. I trust that the current hiring push will fix things by next year. It’s a bit of shit situation in the meantime, I grant. :cry:

(Matt C) #28

Geez, who speaks to people these day, let alone wants to?! :thinking: