Meet the Monzo Vulnerable Customers Team!

(Tristan Thomas) #1

For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, we’re doing a series of blog posts about why we care about mental health at Monzo, and what we’re doing to support our staff and customers.

Today we’re focussing on our Vulnerable Customers team, who look after our customers in need. Here’s a blog post explaining what they do -

They’re also taking over our Twitter today and doing our Community Q&A this week.

Get involved!

Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Chris MacLean (Customer Operations)!

This is one of my favourite areas of finance :raised_hands:

(Simon collins) #4

I am very interested in your Vulnerable Customer Team, I am currently a Complaints Investigator with Santander. I arrived in that position after 15 years working in the substance misuse field helping to rebuild clients lives through and after addiction. I was inspired to reach out after reading the background info of your current team. Where do Monzo advertise ?

(#savetheseabass) #5

Hi :wave:

Did you mean advertise staff vacancies?

(Simon collins) #6

yes i did, thanks for the link

(Richard) #7

I absolutely love the idea of this team, and personally, as someone who could easily fall into the category that might need their assistance, I can say that they will be invaluable to customers that find money worries extremely worrying and stressful!

Just another reason I’m telling everyone I know about Monzo as much as I can.


Whilst I love the idea of a vulnerable customer dept, I’m not sure that stating so overtly that you assist with recovery is setting your stall out for a good relationship.

I’m a Borderline of 30+ years standing and, yes, there are periods of impulsive transactions in my life but I’m pretty high functioning and like to think I have it (fairly) under control.

Now, by specifying heavily the word ‘recovery’ you are instantly making me feel like I’m at a disadvantage and somehow not to be trusted. Now why on earth would I tell my bank of my condition when it actually could impact my day-to-day banking needs and when you are automatically putting me in a position of mistrust?

The attention you are giving is appreciated but I fear the execution means that that people who are ‘vulnerable’ but not in trouble will not reach out until it is too late. Surely that defeats the object…