Monzo Staff Expansion

(Chris Black) #1

Hello, just thinking

Soon you will be a full bank, with current accounts etc. So for now you have a current staff working for you guys, each in different part of the company, (customer service specially). Once you will go that far, you will have to expand your staff right ? How is that going to work for you ? Are there going to be new jobs available? You will have to expand your office as well ?

Happy New Year Monzo :tada::rainbow_flag::rainbow:


They are moving office and expanding staff.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

You’re right :+1: Tom said at a recent talk that Monzo is planning to double their number of staff next year & they will be moving into a new office too :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to join the team, check out the careers page -

Also, one of the things Tom said he was most proud of, was the quick average response time of the support team, through the in-app chat. In order to ensure that they don’t get swamped by the surge in the number of users that will (hopefully) result from the current account launch, Monzo will ‘overstaff’ their support team initially. So they will definitely be recruiting more people for that team :tada:

Interestingly, Leah mentioned in a recent podcast that they take a very different approach to building a support team than most companies.
Rather than hiring as cheaply as possible, Monzo want to hire people who can actually fix any recurring problems that’re caused by issues with their systems & processes, rather than simply explaining the problem, providing a workaround and apologising :heart_eyes:

(Chris Black) #4

About having a job, I work as a hairdresser, even if I love all this kind of stuff, I think that this would be kind of impossible for me to get a job in this domain haha.

(Rika Raybould) #5

While a lot of what Monzo is advertising right now is quite high level positions (Head of Partnerships, Head of Risk, Data Scientist, etc.), start learning from the basics and anything is possible. :wink:

I’ve learned an unholy amount about card processing and banking in the last year or two alone. From a basis of barely caring about EMV to being able to explain all the major payment systems along with many of their modes of operation, options and policies. All from just hanging around here, asking the right questions and reading the right documentation!