Monzo Social Media Lip Service

I am a big fan of Monzo, and their social media interaction is pretty great, however, I have noticed recently that they seem to be using canned responses for essentially lip service on social media. I posted an auto generated tweet from flux and they replied with this:

Which felt like this tbh

They must have seen loads of these tweets, so something more specific might have been better like ‘we know about it and were working on implementing it soon’.


From my perspective, this was great when the user numbers were low - It genuinely felt like a tailored personalised response (even if it was the exact same wording).

Now they have grown, and I imagine they receive a lot of messages through social media (proportionally more than other banks perhaps), the message does indeed come across more like Chief Wiggum than a genuine response (great GIF btw :joy: )

I probably fall in the camp of “I’m not really bothered, as long as the product is good” - But I can certainly see why it would annoy others (dare I say it… Ah go on then… Perhaps a little “legacy” in their response now the user numbers are higher).

Although I can’t see them changing it without having to employ more people for social, which isn’t probably the best use of money right now.


Large companies can do it, but I don’t know how many people they employ on social media. Pret are good; they generally don’t provide stock responses.

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From a COp perspective, this is what we can do about suggestions like these. And they do get passed on.

I’ve let Call and the Gang know about this though :blush:


Having seen the boards and messages and been on the other end of them with 3D Secure, it feels like all of these do indeed get aggregated and passed on to the teams! :open_mouth:

It can actually be a bit of a challenge to sort and prioritise them all. :sweat_smile:


Hi Toby!

The social media team don’t use canned responses, so we really appreciate you mentioning this. It’s really important that no matter the size of the team, the Tone Of Voice stays consistent.

A great aspect of working for Monzo is that when customers have ideas, we’re able to message the team and let them know. But you’re right, the tweet could have been worded differently.

Thanks again for raising this, it’s a great example to learn from as the team grows :blush:


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