Monzo Shares in a Pot

(Matt C) #21

Me too haha

(MikeF) #22

We’re talking theoretical anyway since Crowdcube don’t allow the shares to be sold except as a job lot in exceptional circumstances.

(Nathan) #23

I agree with other comments an unnecessary extra pot is a bit much, but, tapping the “:star: Crowdfunding Investor” label and taking us to another screen with details would be a cool half easter-egg-ish like feature.

Ha, whilst we are at it, tapping others could reveal hot chip doing a funny animations unique to the label, Monzonaught - hotchip in a rocket etc.

Absolute waste of phone space, and completely unnecessary - but fun though…

Do Android still do this type of things in the settings? I think they do, if they can waste space why can’t we?

(MikeF) #24

Oh, I want the pot!

It’s the internal market that only a few thousand people can use that I feel is a bit too far.

(Gracjan Deresz) #25

I think shares amount should be mentioned in our profile. As simple as that.

(Hugo Cornejo) #26

This one is tricky because your shares are not liquid so we don’t have the right abstractions to make this clear. At some point Monzo will be able to show other non-liquid assets (your pension, for example) but we haven’t solved it just yet.

I get what you want to achieve though and I think @Gicu suggestion is spot on as a first step. We’re talking right now to try and get it build :crossed_fingers: