Monzo SEPA Payment sender name?


They don’t care. They just don’t accept. You can try to challenge them.


Great idea. Let me know when bunq supports UK faster bank transfer. I will use them



Bunq as a foreign bank will not be introducing Faster Payments. FPS is only available for UK and Crown Dependency accounts.

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Who said anything about Transferwise…? :eyes:


…Azimo then?


Then it is not an option for bitcoin exchange use. Nothing better than Fire, in terms of depositing to Coinbase and Kraken.


Maybe currency cloud? Still shared IBAN.

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Still reckon this is the best way to do it ? Just checking as now I’ve got some time… last time I used pingit. Thanks for the advice

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Did the maths it’s 7% cheaper than Barclays Thanks for the heads up

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I have also been doing some research as I am involved in Bitcoin/Etherium and Litecoin now (and doing nicely from it) but getting money back into GBP is something of a challenge.

Xapo do pretty well - they have a debit card for everyday spending from your bitcoin account… or if you want it back to GBP -
you turn your Euros other currency to GBP and they will do a transfer FPS to your bank for £10 admin + 0.15% turnover fee of the total GBP that you’d like to withdraw.

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