Monzo, Seedrs & Crunchbase - Start-up Investing from the future?

As a user of Monzo, Seedrs & Crunchbase (free version) - I’d be curious to get other perspectives on the possibility of combining the value offered by each service & integrating within my Monzo banking application :star_struck:

At present there is no Seedrs application & therefore mobile access to my portfolio of start-up investments.

Within Monzo itself there is the option to budget money under the category of ‘finances’ and I use this to set aside money each month for investments :sunglasses:

Whilst I can integrate my Moneybox application with Monzo and therefore benefit from rounding up my transactions and placing the remainder into a high risk Stocks & Shares ISA - there is no functionality to integrate my Seedrs account.

I’d be interested in having access to my start-up portfolio via Monzo & receive notifications on key company developments. If the information provided by Crunchbase on these start-ups could also be integrated it’d provide a unique ‘start-up’ investment feature through my Monzo banking application; this would be immensely convenient & save me from sourcing information from different places :heart_eyes:

May be this is technically unfeasible or commercially unviable but simply from a consumer perspective, I wonder if anyone else has thought about this?


At the moment I have created a pot and set-up a standing order to set aside monthly income for ‘Seedrs’ but this will then require a manual transfer to my Seedrs account.

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Moneybox is a really expensive service.

Your be better off using round ups in Monzo to a pot and adding it once a month to another service with lower fees, especially over the longer term.

Wealthify offer a similar service, are not quite as expensive and we have a large circle you can use to get 20% off fees.


It’s really weird there’s no Seedrs app, and really annoying. I’d like to know what their reasoning behind this is.

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Yes! It has never made sense to me either.

If Seedrs are not willing to create an application to manage investments on my smartphone - can they share that information with Monzo to provide that functionality through my banking application?

I’d love to have the investment angle covered & in one centralised location - like my Monzo app

Thanks for this advice - very helpful. I have just gone over Moneybox’s fees now and you are right, expensive.

£1 per month subscription fee;
£7.50 platform fee; and
£2.33 fund provider’s fee.

I will take a look at the Monzo round up feature & take a look at Wealthify.

My only question is can this be integrated via Monzo so it is automatic - once placed into a pot can the funds be redirected through Wealthify or does it require manually transferring each month?

Sadly not wholly automatic, unless the committed spending pot ever makes an appearance. You could technically automate bits of it, using round ups and direct debits, you’d just need to reimburse yourself from the pot every month.

Have a search for the Monzo Wealthify circle or drop me a pm and I’ll get you a link.

Take a look at free trade


As a super sidenote, take a look at Vanguard’s funds as a potential switch for your S&S ISA.

If it’s high risk you’re after, look for funds that are made up of 80%(ish) equities, just make sure you’re aware that whilst gains of 30% a year can happen…as can losses!

The reason I’d advise away from Moneybox is fees kill compound interest, especially over a long term investment cycle. So it’s always best to look for the most cost effective deal!

Here’s a chart documenting it how dramatic it can be on your return.


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Just setup Vanguard and completed the transfer papers for the JISA for the kids and now just seen wealthify do the same so what’s the best :joy:

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Thanks for the visual aid - huge impact over a 20 year investment cycle. I will now be reevaluating my Moneybox round ups…


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Vanguard will generally work out cheaper.

Wealthify even with the full circle discounts will work out more expensive for most people at 0.5%+ for most investments including green or high SRI.

Vanguard is a much more manual job though. Although easy enough to do even if you’re an amateur following some advice, see: for advice on a good passive diversified portfolio.


Given the relationship between Monzo and Crowdcube, i imagine they would start there rather than Seedrs. Crowdcube already have an app too, and they don’t charge carry.

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Interesting :thinking:

I have not used Crowdcube before but have downloaded the app now for a play around, thanks!

Even if Monzo are more likely to begin with Crowdcube v. Seedrs, this investment functionality through my core banking app - plugged in to an information resource like Crunchbase, as an example - would make the process far easier.

I was just curious to see if these collabs are being explored and what the future of start-up/SME investing could look like purely from a customer perspective

Looking into Freetrade now & registered as part of their community too - thanks!

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This could take some time…


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You on iOS?


They’re starting a freepass thing where you can give people a referral code to skip the queue. Check the Freetrade thread on this forum, or the Freetrade forum. I haven’t got the email yet so I can’t bump you :disappointed:

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Good to know, thanks. I’ll have a look around those forums & see what I can do :pray: