Investing through Monzo

So the Sunday Times is reporting that Monzo is looking to integrate with investment platforms:

And there’s talk on the Freetrade forums that there’s references to Monzo in the Freetrade app:

Is Monzo getting into investments big time? Will it best Dozens spender > saver > investor journey before they’ve even properly launched? Is the Times story related to what’s going on Freetrade? Why are we seeing Monzo in the Freetrade app and not the other way around? Will my predictions here come true?

So many questions!


Vanguard yes please. Their life strategy finds have had good post performance and their low fees are attractive too.


Another vote from me for Vanguard funds! The Lifestrategy funds would be a good differentiator from apps that only offer Vanguard ETFs

Not sure about big time, but if they want to be our financial hub, they will have to have investing options sooner or later.

My guess is there will just be investment options with no coaching, at least to start with.

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Monzo have stocks and shares ISA and junior Stocks and shares ISA management permissions for a while now, so we knew something was coming

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Should be interesting. There looking at funds from BlackRock, vanguard, and fidelity, which sounds like they may be going direct so won’t have doubled up fees.

I did find it a bit silly that they’ve apparently called it ‘Hargreaves Lansdown for millennials’ when we can be very confident they won’t offer a similar service. (HL is for millennials anyway)

It should be interesting though, I wonder what funds they will select, my immediate thought is that it will be similar to other services which have one or two funds from each covering different areas. I guess we’ll see soon enough :slight_smile:

Would love it if they integrated with Freetrade.


Would love to see an update on this. Given the paltry interest rates available it would be good to see further integrations into investments. I invest with Vanguard and would love to see my investments within my Monzo app. This is where I can see some real revenue generation for :monzo:

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This is something I really wanted to see as well but given the mess Plus has become I’m unsure if I’ll be gung-ho about non-core Monzo features for a while. Still, I’m curious on what the plans are.

Yep maybe best not to mention :heavy_plus_sign:

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I wonder if Monzo are any closer to this link up with investment platforms? I haven’t actually heard anything about this other than what originally appeared in the Times article.

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