Monzo’s latest round included £11M in secondary as founding employees partly

(Mark) #1

While raising £71M, only £60M in new cash entered Monzo - don’t think we were told of this at the fundraising stage…

(Tom ) #2

No - I don’t remember seeing this in the Crowdcube documentation…

(James Nicholson) #3

More details about how it works in the blog post, but this bit is important:

By giving employees the chance to sell some of their shares, we were able to offer more shares to new investors, with less overall dilution.

(Mark) #4

I know how and why they did it as it’s in the article, but I think it should have been highlighted to everyone at the time.

And the argument surrounding dilution is only a point of consideration for the Venture Capital money as it preserves their voting rights. Dilution is not worth thinking about when one owns a few thousand shares…

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