Monzo reimbursement performance after APP fraud, compared to other banks?

Are Monzo customers very unlucky, very stupid or very fraudulent compared with customers of other banks or financial institutions (for example customers of TSB or Nationwide )?
I ask this because of Monzo’s performance in reimbursing those who have been victims of authorised push payment (APP) fraud compared to many others.
I’d like to see a thorough response from Monzo explaining the disparity in percentages of reimbursement to those who have been victims of fraud.
If it was a few percent here and there that wouldn’t be a worry but the figures are very stark.
TSB reimbursed 15 times more customers’ fraud losses than Monzo in 2022
The same story is available on multiple sites elsewhere.

I was wondering, as a quick search showed no posts here, is this community largely populated by people who are slightly less likely to be defrauded?

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