Monzo Referrals Give/Request Golden Tickets 🎫

are you in Germany Gil ? - you need a UK based address to get a card

oh … :smiley: Okay I am sorry

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no need to apologise - it could be made clearer on the app application - has been mentioned a couple of times that its not clear ( I haven’t looked though for a long time - if it has been changed to make it clear its UK based only at the moment :slight_smile: )

Golden ticket here, enjoy!

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!

Small reminder: please post your golden tickets in same line, so it doesn’t show preview of the ticket. It’s related to the onebox preview ‘bug’.

Golden ticket: taken

Another one


Hi any lovely peeps got any more Goldens, off on a trip soon & 10,000 in the queue :slight_smile:

Here you go :slight_smile:

Hi - can I get a golden ticket for a friend, or two please!?

Is it possible to use a Golden Ticket if you’re already on the waiting list? If so I will happily take one!

Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!

Here -

Here’s one ticket for anyone to use! Got mine from this forum so passing back the opportunity

Someone got there before me! Thanks though :slight_smile:

Hi all.

If anyone has a golden ticket spare then I’d love to receive it!

Anyone got a golden ticket code? The one above just got taken :frowning:


I would really appreciate a ticket!!

Just a heads up…

I have edited a few posts here to fix the links. When you post ticket links, please don’t paste then to their own line as the onebox preview breaks the link and it appears broken.

As a community leader I can edit posts, but we avoid this at all costs. I have not edited the contents of any posts, just moved the link to be on the same line as I have seen lots if posts saying the tickets get snapped up quickly when in reality it is just that onbox has broken the link.

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I keep missing out on golden tickets. I’m going on a trip with friends who aren’t great at money management and want them to have their own Monzo cards, so that I don’t have to sub them and wait months to get repaid. Help!

Ticket 19