Monzo pots could go up a level

Monzo pots dedicated to bills would go up a level if instead of just seeing the amount and seeing that it’s come out of your current account, you could see what exact bill it was. That would be so helpful!

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Please can you try and explain that again?


You mean for the bills pot transfer to be labelled as Virgin Media opposed to just Current Account to your main account?

Starling does this. And actually pays the bills from the space instead of moving funds to main balance to be paid from there.


Hi yes, this is what I mean!

Check out @Carlo1460 post below, that’s what I mean!


Sadly I don’t think this is upcoming any time soon, if at all, as it works as is.

Completely with you though.

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Such a shame though, cause it makes sense and is probably super easy for them to do. It also makes it more clear

It’s been mentioned that it could/would be done this way, but that was a fair while ago.

Payments are not taken from the pot as it currently stands, which is why we get the double entry in the feed. There are pros and cons for changing it.