Monzo Pot integration in FreeAgent

Hi All,

I’m sure that most FreeAgent users would of already done this, but I thought that I would add it just in case people are trying to reconcile their Accounts as It’s difficult to account for the transfer and reconcile the different pot transfers that are imported into FreeAgent. This work around treats pots as separate accounts in FA.

If you make a dummy account in FreeAgent either for each separate Pot or just one called Monzo Pots (if you don’t want to clutter up FA) and I used my business account number but with a -2 after it otherwise it will fail as a duplicate (or any number can be used as long as it’s different) and then increment this number for each Pot if required.

When Monzo syncs with FA every morning, to reconcile the account, set the pot payment as ‘Transfer to another account’ and it will all be correctly reconciled to match Monzo and the pots, either individually or as one.

Hope this makes sense, helps and works for some but it seems to work for me at the moment and I can now account for all pot transfers in FreeAgent.

Also, if you need to reorder the Accounts in FreeAgent so that Monzo is at the top and your pot Accounts underneath, this is quite easy to do to, and make FA easier to use.