Better Freeagent Integration


First off, please don’t take this as moaning and grumbling, just… a sense of being underwhelmed…

I’ve recently added a business account to my rapidly growing list of Monzo accounts and upon seeing it has FreeAgent integration was ready to switch from my current provider… but then I realised that the FreeAgent integration is “basic” at best…

I currently have a Barclays business account and they have recently (along with most other banks) enabled bank “feeds” (which I believe are live or almost live - I haven’t enabled the feed on mine yet so transactions sync every night).

The transactions sync with Monzo doesn’t have the option of a feed and seem to take up to 48 hours to appear… which is worse than my current set up!

I was also disappointed that receipt images I attach to transactions in Monzo don’t get synced…

Any chance of getting a better sync? I would have hoped that Monzo’s solution would be at least as good as the traditional banks, not worse :frowning:


If monzo’s data is updated instantly, is there a reason why this can’t be synced with freeagent instantly as well? I have just paid my salary from my ltd company and it looks like I’m going to have to wait days before I can do payroll in freeagent. I’d really like to handle all this in one session.