Monzo Pot Image Generator

Great work! I have a request :grinning:.

When making some images yesterday I was looking for an image I could use for “children”. I found the child image

The request is to add 2(or more) icons. Allow positioning of added icons scaling etc…

Again. Excellent tool!

That would work for a pets pot too. You could have a :dog: and a :fish: for example :smiley:

Thanks for this!

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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since any updates (I’ve been pretty busy) but since Premium launched today we have a little update - new backgrounds for Monzo Premium which may be of interest to some people.


This is awesome! :fire::fire:

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Apple Pay images, if you’d find them useful.


This is amazing thank you so much! I am ready for my new card now.

The only outstanding logo I could possibly need is something tattoo themed for that saving pot :heart:

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Would it be possible to add the Monzo ‘M’ logo to the library of brand images @rknightuk? I love the idea of creating a custom iOS app icon based on my holographic blue card! Thanks again for such great tool! :raised_hands:t3: :grin:

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I’ve just made a couple of icon ones for my own use - if you want them.


monzologo-blue2 monzologo-blue

Hot Coral:

icon-hot-coral2 icon-hot-coral1


These are fab :star_struck: Thanks so much @BritishLibrary :raised_hands:t3:

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My prescription for the Monzo logo:

  1. ditch the colours and embrace the grey like the middle two imagines.

  2. Then learn to love it. Put it on cards and back on social media. The strongest brands tend to have a symbol/logo/graphic that represents them. (See the Google G, Facebook F, HSBC thing, Lloyds horse…)


Did two others!

icon--inverse-blue1 icon--inverse-hotcoral1

Or on an off white premium b/g

icon--inverse-blue2 icon--inverse-hotcoral2

Edit: And a some pride ones, but the inverted one didn’t come out as good sadly.

icon-pride icon--inverse-pride2 icon--inverse-pride1


Ok I got carried away and tried to recreate the old Plus icons more closely. Not perfect, but…

icon-white-grad icon-hotcoral-grad icon-blue-grad

Here’s how to make a custom icon for iOS:

I’m going to go do something productive now


Really great icons, thank you. Would it be possible to make the top blue logo image with a dark grey background, it looks like this with the forum dark mode on.

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As in the same gray as the Dark mode background?

Yeah that’d be good!

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Like so?!

Perfect, thank you!

Correct me if I’m being a bit simple, but didn’t you just (need to) crop the image, no?! Or am I missing something here lol

That would have been a more sensible way to do it yes… But I went the Long way round!

To be fair it at least means the M was centered properly.