Virtual Card JPEG for Pot Images?

Does anyone know how to get the source images for the virtual cards from the android teardown if possible. I want to change my pot images to the card picture if I can :slight_smile:

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Is your phone rooted/jailbroken?

If not maybe @davidwalton or @Ordog can help, as I don’t have my rooted phone around.

Jinx , Ordog is typing.

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This clever person made a generator. It will be much quicker and easier to use this…


I’m have an iPhone :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get the actual virtual card image?

Screenshot and crop?

I have done that but I was wondering about trying to get hold of the source files that are uploaded to Apple pays database

Yeah I can get them for you later but it’s no different from the website I linked you to.

Generate an image with no icon and press download. Job done

They don’t have the colours for the virtual card though on there right?

Gradient ones you mean?

Yes the virtual cards are all gradients

All the gradients are on the website I gave you.


Oh I Found them :eyes:

Cheers. They were right in front of me :man_facepalming: