Monzo Plus – you asked us to make it simpler, so we’ve created bundles

Can we edit the posts heading so it ends with “we’ve created a mess” :joy:


I replied in this thread laughing at the fact interest is being taken away, but I’ve just looked at some of the offerings and am actually shocked.

  • There’s a few London-centric bunch of bundles it’s laughable (Airportr, MealPal…). Come on Monzo, there’s a few million potential customers outside the M25.
  • Thriva???!? I’m a trainee GP. I’d just like to implore anyone who feels they need to get a blood test they see a doctor. If there’s anything wrong they’ll get the correct support, plus the blood test will be free. I’ve a real problem with subscription-based blood testing as it’s ethically questionable and totally pointless.

As is common with the longer topics, I’ve not bothered to read ANY of the preceding posts and will just jump right in.

So, we’re all happy with this update, right?

*quickly deactivates account and relocates to Iceland (the country, not the supermarket)*


I await the fuller post before diving in on this

I think this requires a thread of its own. Monzo is saying about Thriva really is misleading


Hi everyone, Benji (the Product Manager for Monzo Plus) here. I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on with Plus, address some of your main areas of feedback, and - most importantly - apologise.

First up: we’re sorry.

We know that the experience you’ve had with Monzo Plus so far doesn’t match the original vision we set out. Plus has always been an evolving project, but we should have kept you way more in the loop about what was changing and why.

We’re really grateful to everyone’s who’s signed up to Plus so far, especially our early bird adopters. Your ideas and feedback haven’t always been easy reading, but they are helping us to work towards a better product.

We’ve done a poor job of communicating with our existing customers and everyone here on the forum about this for which I’m really sorry. We need to do better and will do better.

How we got here and what’s next for Plus

We launched Plus with full customisation, so you could pick features individually. We learnt this was a mistake because it added too much complexity.

When we ran user testing to gather feedback on Monzo Plus, many users found it confusing and overwhelming. Our team had to step in to clarify what was going on at several stages, meaning that the product and its design weren’t clear enough.

Many customers were also unsure about how much they’d be paying each month by the time they’d got to the end of the sign-up process. We found that it was especially unclear that custom features cost more than the flat fee for Core features.

We’re now relaunching Plus without Core or individual custom features. Instead we’re combining multiple features in specific bundles to make everything simpler. It should also be clearer how much you’ll be paying each month, and what’s included. We don’t know if these are the correct bundles yet, but we’re going to spend the next few weeks working this out with new Plus customers.

Once we’re confident in the new bundles, you’ll have three options:

  1. Switch to the bundles with comparable features to what you have today at the same price or less than you’re paying today.

  2. Keep your existing bundle exactly as it is.

  3. Cancel your Plus subscription, no questions asked.

We haven’t built all this yet, but it’ll be ready within a month. We’ll message you when you can choose what you’d like to do.


We know this was unclear because we only gave out swag at our in-person events in London.

Everyone who opts into the new Supporter bundle is guaranteed swag sent to them in the post. And there’s a new Monzo Plus tee design on the way.

Card quality

We hear your complaints about the quality of the card, specifically the card not looking as it should, CVVs being visible, and colours running or smudging, and it’s one of the main points of feedback internally too. We’re working on a few solutions including looking at new suppliers and doing more manual QA of our current cards.

Interest on your balance

As we said in the blog post, we’re removing interest on balances for now. If you’ve got it at the moment - and choose to keep your current package - we won’t take it away from you. We might test it again in the future and will share the results of that if we do.


We’re still planning to bring airport lounge access to Monzo Plus this September. We won’t increase the price of the Traveller bundle (£9 a month) when we do this.

Metal cards

At the moment, nobody has a metal Monzo card. Metal cards are extremely expensive to produce, and we’re still exploring what kind of prices are fair.

We hope to have the metal card ready in September or later. But we’ll keep you updated if that changes.

Again, we’re sorry that we couldn’t make the original vision of Monzo Plus work. But we think bundles are the right direction and offer good value. As always we’ll keep an eye on the numbers, as well as your feedback. If they’re not right, we will continue working hard to make this work. And we’ll keep you in the loop (much better than before) as things change.

Thank you for all of your commitment. I really hope we can make this right going forward


So still nothing for those of us who signed up at Early Bird where it was part of the offering?

THANK YOU for finally doing the right thing and letting people cancel. For avoidance of doubt, does this apply to people on Core who don’t switch to a bundle?


Good to hear.


I have a feeling this thread is going to be locked before the night is out. Deary me. Reading that post and it seems they still don’t get it. This thread is going to make great entertainment on my train home.


The only thing of any substance here is that people can cancel. The rest is just a very wordy version of saying ‘we are continuing down the path we already told you about’.

You just do not get it and are not listening. Fingers in ears syndrome. You need to (collectively) get out your bubble and take a different look at what you are trying to achieve. You are just wasting time (and investors money) building ANOTHER failure with the next iteration of Monzo Plus.

Do you think anybody cares if it is ‘difficult reading’ for you when you just carry on the same track?


Thanks for the update @benjiportwin.

For myself who is an existing early bird member - when can I switch to the new offers ? It was mentioned that an email will come soon to do it but how soon ?

If there’s one thing I hope Monzo has taken from this, I would like it to be:

I don’t really mind MVP when it’s a new feature in your core offering, but when I have to part with cold hard cash for it, you need to do far far better to land it properly


We’ve heard this so many times regarding card quality. This complaint was made from the very start? Why hasn’t solutions been made already?


Monzo’s standard response nowadays is always



Stock. Not using the initial amount bought.

It’s the Minimal Viable Response.


Monzo plus team be like




They aren’t and they don’t.


Yep, 100%.