Monzo Plus - what would you like to see?

Out of interest, what exchange rate does First Direct offer on these foreign ATM withdrawals?

“Waived cash fees” sounds like they don’t charge you to use an ATm, but they still might give you a poor exchange rate.

They’re actually more brazen than that. They have two non-Sterling fees: one for all transactions (2.75%) and an additional cash fee for ATM withdrawals (2%). Being a “First Directory” member waives the cash fee, but the 2.75% non-Sterling transaction fee remains.

(I should say that prior to charging you 4.75% (if you don’t pay £15/month) or 2.75% (if you do) they use the standard Visa exchange rate to convert the amount into GBP)


The URL I’d want is one I was told I couldn’t have previously as it wasn’t enough of my name. Yet someone else was able to get it before the release of plus.

What’s the situation there? If I become a plus customer can I claim that URL over them because they were given it incorrectly?


Given that utterly factually none of the offerings now are actually financially ‘worth it’ I would argue that anyone who has currently signed up now has done so in the hope that features will be added to make them financially worth it*

*by this I mean solid, measurable worth, not just ‘I like the new card colours’ worthy.

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They probably wanted a different colour card - if so, those for whom it applies should make this known to Monzo so the take-up figures have some context.

On a lighter note, my kitten likes the blue.


I managed to request

And lastly the app looks good all in matching blue.


Let’s just see where monzo plus grows to…


Hey, sorry for going off topic, just curious how the waiting list works and how long can one has to wait before being offered the option to sign up?

how long can one has to wait

I don’t know is the short answer :slight_smile:

We’re enabling sign up for more users over the coming weeks, and the list gives us a handy way to remind people who have registered interest that it’s available for them.

Joining the waitlist won’t automatically subscribe you (this has been a question we’ve had a few times).

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im on wait list , but could you tell me if youll be offering sign up on joint acc pls

Still for someone like me who changes less than £1000 a year, it makes sense to stick with first direct. Plus their overdraft is cheaper too, which I use more than I should. I really don’t want to knock monzo, but I hope their plus account will offer more in the way of value in the future.

Monzo Plus is not currently available for joint accounts - I don’t know what the plan is for this sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

In my opinion, I think we should focus on building on the core offering and extras to maximise value. When we have something solid for individuals, it’ll be a good base to understand how we should price and approach a similar offering for joint accounts.

I say this^ as someone who would rather spend longer shipping a feature with joint account support in mind from the beginning.


Monzo+ aside, first direct are offering a bad deal on foreign ATM withdrawals. Starling, Monzo, and others are free/cheaper, and I’m surprised that this is listed as a benefit of their premium account.

(but I totes get that it’s easier to see value in their premium offering vs Monzo+, and agree with the sentiment that Monzo could do better here)

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thanks for your feedback, id have loved to be part of the growth in Monzo Plus, but we only use our joint account - so pointless to join as it would be money down the drain.

My Nationwide packaged account is £13 for single or joint & the whole family benefits


This is possible without using Monzo Plus as cards aren’t activated until you activate them in the app …


I think that’s fair. As Jonas said, we’d like people to sign up because of what we’re offering at the time they sign up, not what they think is coming.

That said, I’m confident that it’ll become more appealing to customers as we continue to work on it :muscle:


@BethS, thank you for your reply. Do you mean that this is already possible? My understanding was that it wasn’t with the current account (though was easy with prepaid cards, since they could be handed out without requiring personalisation such as account holder name and account number)

Wow, it says your full name on Android. On iOS it doesn’t show the name. Hmmm interesting

It just matches the card for me :slight_smile:

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Waiting for mine now . Haha

Yep, just order a replacement in the app and keep it in a safe place until you need it.