Monzo Plus: Virtual Cards

I think there are perhaps different levels of ‘trust’, and that when one says they don’t ‘trust’ a website, rather than meaning “I think this website is dodgy”, it can mean “I’m concerned about the small chance it may one day be compromised and my card details leaked.”

Had people been able to use virtual cards back in the day, say, that could’ve been a fair fewer physical cards that Monzo needed to replace when Ticketmaster was compromised, for example.


This captures my view perfectly.

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of hundreds, possibly thousands, of random websites having my card details stored, especially ones I’ve only needed to use once. That’s when I use my dodgy sites virtual card. If any of those one off sites get compromised, I just destroy the virtual card and don’t need to update it anywhere.

I have a separate card for online purchases, this is for sites I use frequently, and that don’t have an option for PayPal. If any of those are compromised, I delete the card, create a new one, and update details.

I have a separate card for my subscriptions, to keep those separate from my online one incase either are compromised. This is also for when/if Monzo let these link to pots, so I can have all my subscriptions come from a single pot. I also like the idea someone had to have a different card per subscription.

I have both my subscriptions and online spending cards tied to my PayPal account. This is because I tend to use PayPal wherever it’s an option, but I may re-evaluate this and consider using my subscriptions card outside of PayPal for my subscriptions, just in case PayPal gets compromised. I’ve always used PayPal because it saves me having to update my card details everywhere, so I may just leave it as is too. I’m undecided.

My physical card is used as a physical card for cash withdrawals and payments in stores. It’ll also be used via Apple Pay for some online purchases too where it’s an option.

This way, my physical card being compromised won’t effect my online purchases and subscriptions. Likewise any of my virtual cards getting compromised won’t impact the places where my other virtual cards are used, nor will I need to replace my physical card, so plastic waste is reduced. I admit these situations are all very unlikely to occur, but for me, it’s nicer to have those safeguard measure for convenience and some added security and piece of mind, than to not have it at all, and potentially be left without any working cards for a few days.

Great ideas; I like the idea of making it more abstracted. I’m also very keen on the pots-with-account-numbers thing, as I can’t make my payment workflow work properly without it (and, annoyingly, you can set up a savings account - which has an account number - in a couple of clicks with other legacy banks).

I think you nailed it, and I couldn’t agree more.


I really think we need the ability to freeze virtual cards separately from the main card. This would mean that you could keep a virtual card ‘frozen’ that you use online, without affecting the ability to use your main card in real life.


My plan is once we can choose a funding pot per card:

Have an online purchases pot with a card dedicated to it.

This card will only be used for onetime purchases off sites where PayPal isn’t an option.

The pot will remain empty until just before making a purchase.

This same pot would ideally also be used with a self regenerating card.


I’ve been unable to use virtual cards yet, both sites i’ve tried have failed at the 3DS stage :frowning:

I agree with majority of your ideas here

Heres my similar take.

  • Pay from Pot (and have the ability to change that at will)
  • Add VCard to Apple Pay (this should have been available from the start)
  • Change "Pin & Card number " button to “Card Details” have all cards (including VCards) stacked vertically with 16 digits and pin.
  • Set individual purchase limit
  • Increase total amount of active cards to 15

UI Intergration

  • In Pot detailed view add the virtual card used under the “paid from pot” subsection, here you can also edit it.
  • add a small circle indicator to each transaction to indicate which vcard was used.
  • be able to filter searches by card

To those asking for Virtual Cards in Apple/Google Pay, what benefit do you see in their current form?

Surely the benefit comes when they are able to have a unique funding source?

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I don’t think Apple Pay is needed in the current form. It adds no value. Apple Pay is already convenient, secure, and private. Your card details are at no risk from using it.

If/when we get pots integration, then absolutely we have a use case for virtual cards in Apple Pay, and I hope both would arrive together.

Convenience, speed, simplicity and ease of payment.

For instance, Ive just found a subscription service through some ad, I open it in safari, after sign up it asks for payment and they offer Apple Pay (which is the easiest way to pay for anything on the web these days) so I select it, and pay with my subscriptions virtual card.
I don’t see how anyone doesn’t see the utility

We’re back to virtual, virtual cards again.

Given that the money comes from the same place (as things stand) I don’t think there is any benefit at all in adding multiple payment methods for the one account to Apple Pay.

In the example above, using the real card through Apple Pay achieves payment with the same ease of ease from the same source with the same security.

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“We’re back to virtual, virtual cards again” ? not sure what you mean, the thread is only a day old.

It’s entirely irrelevant where the money comes from, if there’s a physical or virtual representation of the same account it should have the same facility. The whole point of using virtual cards is protection and privacy of the user, so they have the same use case.

I also think my point becomes more valid when (or if) they introduce virtual cards paid from pots. They will operate like debiting money from a separate money source (ie a pot)

But Apple Pay is already tokenised and anonymous so there is no protection or privacy advantage?

Will be a clear advantage of course if different cards were attached to different pots.


It could be quite useful for younger children with iPhones.

Stick their pocket money in a pot and allow them to add the virtual card linked to that pot on their iPhone / Apple account (if they have one).

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Of course a valid use case if/when they can be linked to pots. There are better solutions for this though that would be better for children, as both a way to provide pocket money and teach them about finances from a young age.

My argument was for right now, in the current form of virtual cards, there’s no benefit to Apple Pay support.

Agreed, in the current form, not much use.


can virtual card be added to paypal

Hmmm… 3DS no option to confirm transaction with SMS… no notification to approve transaction

i mean with getting payments into my account