Monzo Plus/Premium: Offers

A little disappointing that existing Monzo Plus and Freetrade users won’t get anything :frowning:


A bit more effort and a joint subscription and embedded offering would have been cool.

Probably too much to expect from either of them at this stage of evolution, I imagine.


This would be cool, if the new version didn’t put up the prices of such transfers. I’m still better off just using what i already use for international transfers.

Has anyone else signed up to Freetrade through Monzo?

I didn’t have an account with them, or the app, followed the instructions and now it says this…

Is this just their wording? Or have I just got one share coming?

Yeah, I have the same queue and was confused, but then spotted 2. in the T&Cs.

So I’m assuming they’ll get queued in a few weeks.

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Ahh, you’re smarter than me, you can read!

Thank you :smiley:


I’m not eligible for the offer, already being a customer of Freetrade (sadface!), but I’d love to see them integrated into my Monzo app as a separate “card”, much like the open banking does. That would be a savvy approach to take in combination with this offer.


Just received my 3 free shares from Freetrade, which could have been worth between £3 and £300 each.

The combined value of all 3 is £28.85.

Better than nothing, I guess.


Damn, I got a combined value of £15, still better than nothing though


£28 is more than me

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Hmmmm. A gas company :thinking:

Wonder if they are using this to shift some difficult to sell stocks :sweat_smile:


Scrap that, I’ve just realised £10 of my £28.85 was my initial transfer, so it’s actually £18.85 (£18.97 now whoop!) :joy:

I also have the same gas company too.


Ooooh energy friends!


I realise you may be joking, so apologies in advance for possibly missing the point with a straight reply:

There’s probably going to be hundreds if not thousands of cheaper stocks for every high value share given away, so most people are going to find themselves on the lower end of the scale in terms of overall value.

I also expect the lead time for the promotion makes it likely they’d chosen and purchased the stocks they wanted to use before the whole energy sector started going haywire.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not eligible for this promotion. The one free share I got off Freetrade a while back was a bit out of the left field, an ETF called “Vietnam Opportunities Fund”, I think it was (I didn’t cash it in straight away, but it eventually went in my last rebalancing). Cheap as chips, it was.

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I signed up, but don’t see any queued shares :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To clarify, yes I was joking. More on the scale that it is an exchange, ‘difficult to shift’ stocks go down in price until they shift. Still, as people are getting the same stocks it seems there’s probably a small pool, and I’m betting only one or two ‘£200’ stocks are available (the minimum to say it’s a possibility). I guess it’s a great introduction to the disappointing form of gambling that is trading individual shares.

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Same here. Nothing queued. I’ve emailed Freetrade to see what’s going on as it’s been 7 days.

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Have you both added a minimum of £2 to your account?

Mine appeared almost instantly after I topped up.

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I did that immediately last Thursday when I signed up. No idea why it’s not working.

I’m still waiting on my free share. Topped up 13th and it says between 7-10 days.